Welcome to But I Love Bread!
My entire life, nothing has made me happier than the warm hug of a delicious meal. My parents will tell you that I would never take a pacifier when I was little because there was no food coming out of the other end. HA! I absolutely LOVE to cook. In my opinion, God did not put one artistic bone in my body for painting, drawing, etc., but I believe cooking is an art and I love working on my craft in the kitchen.

Coupled with my love of food comes with my desire to gain more knowledge about health and how everyone’s health is affected by the foods they eat. My husband is a Chiropractor who also specializes in Nutrition and Functional Neurology. I’ve learned so much from him. He has changed my thinking in regards to food in our lives with what he is learning for the better.

While I have always loved to cook anything and everything (healthy or not), it is especially intriguing to me to take regular recipes and turn them into dishes that can help, heal and nourish our bodies. I love finding or creating Paleo dishes, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still splurge and make our annual Monte Cristo sandwich. I AM human. But those rare meals are even more fun and delicious because they are so rare.

This page is dedicated to everyone who thinks they CAN’T change the rules and their ways of eating. Where there is a will, there is a way. The truth is, if you actually took a step back to evaluate your diet, realize what you were eating and its effects to your body’s function, you might be surprised. (Shocked, actually) Do you have constant fatigue? A strange skin rash or skin condition that won’t go away? Headaches?  Swelling? Stomach aches? Digestion issues? Depression? Hyper-activity? Anxiety? Not sleeping well? Hey, guess what? That’s not ‘normal’ and FOOD is more than likely the cause of your issues. Yep. Can you believe it is THAT simple?

Look, I love Bread… and everything else on this planet but I also know it’s causing all sorts of health issues that can be cleared out if I just cleaned up my eating. This is my journey to do that… and I’d be glad to share the info with you all!

My husband posts weekly health-related articles on his site. Be sure to check them out and Follow him for all kinds of great information!


2012 – Here’s the hubs and I at a local fundraiser.


2013 – We’re excited to be expecting our first baby next April 2014! It’s a BOY!
This makes our journey even more purposeful and we’re excited to share it with you!

ccw 1

2015 – WOW! I’ve accidentally taken some time off! Life has certainly changed for us and gotten even BETTER! We are now loving being parents to a crazy, healthy, happy little boy. He brings an even bigger joy and purpose to our lives. Now our mission to live healthy takes on a new meaning.


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